Download Assessment Roll and GIS Data

The Department of Revenue publishes assessment rolls in compliance with chapter 119, Florida Statutes. The files publicly available through the Department and county property appraisers do not contain confidential records, such as social security numbers and the records of property owners exempt from public records disclosure under section 119.071, Florida Statutes​. For more information on the program’s confidential and exempt data management, please read the Department of Revenue’s Open Government Bill of Rights page.​​

Available File Types

Property appraisers submit three types of assessment roll files to Property Tax Oversight (PTO) throughout the year. These three types are the real property roll (Name – Address – Legal, or NAL), the Sale Data File (SDF), and the tangible personal property roll (Name – Address – Property, or NAP). Property appraisers electronically submit their rolls on the following schedule:​

  • July 1 – Preliminary assessment rolls (NAL, NAP, and SDF)
  • October – Initial final assessment rolls (NAL, NAP, and SDF)
  • After final certification – Final assessment rolls that incorporate all changes the value adjustment board made (NAL, NAP, and SDF)

Property Tax Oversight reviews, accepts, and publishes the rolls, which can take up to a month. Only the most current version of each roll type is posted on the FTP. Data from previous years or prior rolls from the current year are available by request. More information about the assessment rolls is available in the User's Guide for Department Property Tax Data Files.​

GIS shapefiles (which contain parcel-level mapping data) are also available for download. PTO annually receives map data by April 1 and publishes the files after review and approval. Unlike the assessment rolls, GIS files for multiple years are available on the FTP site for immediate download.​

Download Current Assessment Roll and GIS Data

Please be advised Modern browsers have removed support for the FTP protocol. For Windows systems, we advise using Internet Explorer or File Explorer to browse and download FTP content. Otherwise, we advise installing dedicated (S)FTP client software for this purpose.

Request Prior Data

Data from previous years and the current year's prior submissions are available by request. PTO reformats older rolls so they contain the same fields, in the same order, as the current rolls. The available rolls are:​

  • Preliminary and Final NAL and NAP files from 2002 to the current year.
  • Sale files from 2009 to the current year.
  • GIS files from 2005 to the current year.​

How to Make a Request

Though it is not a requirement, completing the Public Recor​ds Request for Assessment Roll Data form will help clarify your request. You can submit the form using the form's "Submit by Email" butto​n, completing and emailing it as an attachment to, faxing it to 850-488-9482, or mailing it to PTO's general mailing address.

To request data without submitting the Public Records Request for Assessment Roll Data form, please send a detailed request via email to, by fax at 850-488-9482, or by regular mail to PTO's general mailing address.

Cost and File Transfer

Requests for large amounts of data may incur a fee. This is because of the resources required to redact all confidential information (including current confidential information) from prior years' assessment rolls. After reviewing the extent of your request, PTO will be able to give you an estimate of the cost, if any, and the time necessary to fulfill your request.​​

PTO can email requested files smaller than 10 MB. Files larger than 10 MB will be available on the FTP site in a temporary directory; the requestor will receive a link to the directory's URL via email.