Resources for Local and County Officials

Please use the resources below as needed. 

Document Description Format
PT-902020 Value Adjustment Board Calendar PDF iconPDF (116 KB)
Florida Property Tax Calendar, Typical Year Ad Valorem and Non-Ad Valorem Calendar PDF iconPDF (324 KB)

PT-111111 Property Tax Statutes  Download PT-111111 (This link will open up in a new window)PDF (2.1 MB)
PT-111112 Property Tax Rules
 Download PT-111112 (This link will open up in a new window)PDF (1.5 MB)
FAQ S. 196.081 Veteran Permanent and Total Disability Exemption
 Download Veteran Permanent and Total Disability Exemption (This link will open up in a new window)PDF (166 KB)

Permit Fee Reduction Memos

Cities and counties may be eligible for annual fee waiver or reduction from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for both wastewater and drinking water permits if they meet the criteria set out in Section 218.075(2) or (4), Florida Statutes. The Florida Department of Revenue produces memoranda detailing the status of each city and county annually. You may obtain a copy of the memo for your local government by selecting the link below. This information is updated annually on April 1st and the report may be used with applications submitted to DEP between April 1 and March 31.

If you have questions about your local government information or need additional assistance, please email for assistance.

Retrieve Permit Fee Reduction Memos by selecting from the counties and municipalities below:

Budget Information for County Officials/pto/PublishingImages/nav/cofficial_budget.png
Information on budgets for local county officials
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Training for County Officials/pto/PublishingImages/nav/cofficial_training.png
Information on certification and training for county officials
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ExemptionsCalculator with Tax keys
Navigate to our exemptions page to learn more about property tax exemptions.
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Property Tax Bulletinsinfo typewriter keys
Informational bulletins relating to property tax
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Property Appraisers

Property appraisers, please use the links and resources below as needed.

Property Appraiser Calendar
Document Description Format
PT-902018 Property Appraiser Calendar PDF iconPDF (210 KB)

Complete Submission and Roll EvaluationRed Keyboard Submit button
Learn more about complete submission and roll evaluation.
Complete Submisson and Roll EvaluationIn page navigation
Fiscally Constrained Counties Abstarct person handing another abstract person a peice of a 3D pie graph
Learn more about the distribution to fiscally constrained counties.
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GIS/Mapping/ImageryAbstract Keyboard and World image
Geographic Information System, mapping, and imagery data
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Manual of Instructions and GuidelinesStacked Binders
The manual of instructions and guidelines for county officials
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Tax Collectors

​Tax collectors, please use the links and resources below as needed.

Tax Collector Calendar
Description Format
PT-902019 Tax Collector Calendar
PDF iconPDF (115 KB)

PT - Deferred Payment Interest Rate Interest Rate on Deferred Payment Tax Certificates
PDF iconPDF (33 KB)

Non-Ad Valorem ReportsPen and paper with spreadsheet and pie graph
Learn more about non-ad valorem reports.
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