Manual of Instructions – Property Tax Oversight

Pursuant to section 195.062, Florida Statutes, the Department prepares and maintains a current manual of instructions for property appraisers and other officials connected with the administration of property taxes. The below information comprises the manual of instructions

Standard Measures of Value (Guidelines used to assist in the assessment of property)

Please note that these guidelines are not current but are undergoing revision to comply with current law and to update for best practices.

Florida Real Property Appraisal Guidelines

Classified Use Real Property Guidelines

Tangible Personal Property Appraisal Guidelines

Forms and Instructions Relating to the Use of Forms and Maps

Other Reference Materials (not appraisal guidelines)

This information is included in the manual as deemed pertinent or helpful in the administration of taxes.

NEW: Florida Uniform Market Area Guidelines - April 30, 2020

Florida Uniform Market Area Guidelines - September 30, 2009

Truth in Millage (TRIM) Materials (Guides)