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12C-1.051 Forms
12C-1.0198 Internship Tax Credit Program

Next Step:A rule development workshop will be held at the beginning of calendar year 2022; a notice announcing the workshop and publication of draft rule text will be published in the Florida Administrative Register no less than two weeks before the workshop.

F-1198: Florida Internship Tax Credit Program Application for Tax Credit

Notice of Rule Development:November 1, 2021 (Vol. 47, No. 212, p. 5110)

Purpose:    The purpose of this rulemaking is to implement the Florida Internship Tax Credit Program pursuant to Section 220.198, F.S., as created by Section 34 of Chapter 2021-31, L.O.F., during the 2021 legislative session. Under Section 220.198, F.S., a business is eligible for a credit against the tax imposed by Ch. 220, F.S., equal to $2,000 per student intern, but may not claim more than $10,000 in any one taxable year. To claim a tax credit, businesses must meet the criteria specified in Section 220.198(3) and (4), F.S.